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Dr. Dante Beretta, Senior Warden
Mr. Arthur Lee, Junior Warden
Mr. Pat Hom, Treasurer

Mr. Martin Burch, Vestryman

Mr. Ryan C. Carter, Esq., Vestryman

Mr. Robert Glasgow, Vestryman

Ms. Ellen Gifford, Vestryman

Mr. Edward Lee, Vestryman

Mrs. Fay Lee, Vestryman

Ms. Casey Lynn, Vestryman
Mr. Matthew Wilson, Vestryman

Ms. Frances Washburne, Vestryman


The vestry is the legal representative of the parish with regard to all matters pertaining to its corporate property. At Grace & St. Peter's there are ten lay members. The presiding officer of the vestry is the rector. The basic responsibilities of the vestry are to help define and articulate the mission of the congregation; to support the church's mission by word and deed, to select the rector, to ensure effective organization and planning, and to manage resources and finances.

Adapted from An Episcopal Dictionary of the Church, edited by Donald S. Armentrout and Robert Boak Slocum (New York: Church Publishing, 1999).

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